My current work is a personal reflection of modern technology; how encompassed our everyday lives have become, and how easily we absorb it and are absorbed by it. In my own relationship with the technologies around me, I am of two extreme minds. I cannot deny the strange beauty in technology’s repetition, and how it meets this through function: pylons or wind turbines dotting a natural landscape, the intricacies of circuit boards, the noise of television static. These technologies are a wonder, and benefits and opportunities abound, but not without detriment. We conform to them, physically, psychologically, and socially. As technologies advance, the mechanisms become abstracted and hidden, and with that, our own relationships to them. With a floor loom, which utilizes basic computer concepts, I am able to explore ideas through a visual and tactile approach, creating through a systematic process of precision and repetition. This is my recompense: to be a machine of my own devising.

Originally from Minnesota, Amy Joänne Tromiczak has worked on an animal fiber farm in Wisconsin, attended and assisted classes at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, and participated in a weavers guild while living in Arizona. She attended the Professional Crafts: Fiber Program at Haywood Community College in Clyde, North Carolina, graduating in 2015. 

She works under the name Umlaut Textiles, producing handwoven garments, scarves, and interior textiles. 

She lives and works in Bakersville, North Carolina.

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